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As a leading lender, you’re looking for more than another vendor. You’re in need of an ally that can act as an extension of your own exceptional service and offer solutions as diverse as your client base. By choosing TRG, you’ll partner with a responsible and reputable organization that is:

  • Nationally Local – Many companies claim to be national, simply because they hold a license for each state. At TRG we are truly national, with over 400 branches and three seamlessly integrated regional service centers in New Jersey, Texas and California. TRG has you covered in every time zone
  • More than just title insurance – As well as being supported by the nation’s highest rated title insurers, TRG Lender Services writes policies with our company-owned underwriter Title Resources, one of the nation’s largest title insurers.
  • An outstanding service provider – Our Convenient Closing Services product line offers your clients multiple options to optimize flexibility. As a result of unique possibilities, TRG Lender Services’ customers are able to receive truly remarkable service.
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